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Dutra Business Management provides consulting services to businesses and projects, contributing to the success of the business through planning, organization, control and a systemic, critical and entrepreneurial thinking.

We operate in several managing areas, offering customized solutions . The focus is always to offer confidence in decision-making and a key support for the evolution of businesses that, regardless of their size, gain viability and professionalism.

With Dutra, clients have solid support in defining strategies, as well as in implementing controls, financial reviews and a number of other managing activities. Thus we create a positive environment for continuous improvement.

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It guides the company's managers, both Board and staff, and assists them in making decisions, proposing solutions and analyzing information and alternatives. We build together strategies and action plans and monitor performance through indicators.

Full support and advice for the purchase or sale of a company and negotiation lead. We advise on conditions to protect the interests of the parties. We propose strategies to add value to M&A cases. Due Diligence, valuation of companies to estimate their range of value and issuance of Fairness Opinion on third-party evaluations.

We run a model of financial management appropriate to the company, with cash flow control, working capital, investments and debt planning. We apply good practices for greater efficiency in financial management, cost reduction and fraud prevention. We implement management indicators and reports that allow the administrator to monitor financial performance and ground assertive decisions. We support fundraisings and prepare low-cost high-structured financing projects with development banks.

We educate the management of the company to adopt professional management practices - separation of assets, establishment and respect for hierarchical relations, promotion of corporate culture, standardization of processes, delegation and sphere of competence, organization and control. We advise on good corporate governance and control practices, create management bodies such as family and management councils, board of directors and committees, and structure its way of acting.

We provide full advice to foreign companies wishing to open a business in Brazil. We advise on the relevant commercial, corporate, tax, labor, financial, banking, contractual and other issues. Clarify doubts about doing business in Brazil and assist the design of the project for a proper entering in Brazilian market. We take care of all documentation required for opening a company and its licenses. We follow the implementation process, giving support to the team in Brazil and reporting to the parent company abroad.

We plan the implementation of franchising systems for new and existing brands. We look at whether the franchise is a good alternative for the company and we advise on adjustments in the business model to make it appropriate. We create business strategies for the network and build all the necessary documents, supporting the entire process from the conception until the implantation and permanent monitoring.

We give full support to manage family’s assets, organizing and controlling financial investments, equity interests and family properties. We advise on protecting assets and increasing profitability. We support the purchase and sale of goods and the feasibility analysis of investments. We take care of rented real estates, and manage monthly income and expenses of the family, when desired. We elaborate succession plans and incorporate equity holdings.

We structure company’s internal control area, stablishing KPI that are relevant, that truly measure the performance of the company in strategic areas and are reliable. We promote periodic monitoring to follow the performance versus planning and point the need for corrections. We advise on the creation and implementation of internal information systems, control tools and management reports with performance indicators.

We analyze the internal processes of the company, the flows of information and operation, the interaction between different areas of the company and the controls on each of these stages. We identify bottlenecks and deficiencies in the processes that increase costs, decrease quality, generate conflicts and cause legal uncertainty to the company. We suggest improvements, design the flow and assist in the standardization of procedures, creation of document templates and controls. By mapping and standardizing procedures, we generate more efficiency and control, as well as facilitate knowledge transmission processes among company employees, making the process less dependent on people, as well as stimulating their continuous improvement.

We analyze the company's revenues and costs and evaluate the margins and profitability of its products and services. We define the costing system most appropriate to the company, we elaborate the cost map, apportionment criteria and cost drivers, allowing the calculation of the break-even point. We facilitate the process of formulating sales price and making decisions related to portfolio and products mix. We give ground for the creation of sales promotion actions and effective remuneration and bonus plans , which generate more impact on the company's accounts.

We analyze the economic and financial feasibility of projects and investments, estimating the required capital and the return-on-investment, whether it’s a machinery acquisition, construction of buildings, opening of new businesses or projects of any nature. We elaborate the descriptive project of investment for presentation to investors or fund raising. We assist in raising funds to finance the investment, identifying appropriate loan programs for the type of investment and mediating the negotiations with the banks , including BNDES funds, Finep and the use of tax benefits.

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Dutra brings together experience with clients from a wide range of sectors, including banks, industries, service providers and many others. Get to know a few companies that were already assisted on a continuous basis or through punctual projects.

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